Welcome dear soul, thank you for being here:

I believe that…

…if you have arrived here, it is because there is a calling within yourself to be more loving, kind and more successful on your relationship with yourself and the world around you. I am very passionate about people like you – who feel the need to do something different and are willing to explore ways to bring this change forward into the world.

My work is powerful because I deeply care about your growth. I believe in a world where people love themselves so genuinely, that their light resonates into their environment and to each other, and my main mission is to support you on giving permission for you to be that light.

During a Coaching and Reiki program, we will be uncovering an old identity that you have accepted for yourself that perhaps is not serving you any longer. We will cut through the beliefs and conditionings that you keep you in a place of lack and resistance to then open space for something else to be created. Something kinder, deeper, something more like… you. I help you connect with your essence so that you have full clarity on who you are and what you stand for. And with that clarity, we design a lifestyle that you adore and that leaves no more room for anxiety, doubt or confusion.

I will guide you to discover your values, manage your thoughts and balance your energy to elevate your confidence and drive for life.

I offer you the opportunity to re-discover who you are, from the inside out. And to have a tool box specially designed for you that will support you in continuing on the path of growth and love for yourself, long after our work together is done.

I’ve studied for many years to be able to provide you with cutting edge tactics of behavioural technologies, neuro-science and energetic guiding principles. I use a combination of Coaching, NLP, Reiki and Shamanism to uniquely design a program that works for you, and that supports us in uncovering the wisdom that already exists within your mind, heart and soul.

Our time together is an opportunity for you to become an expert on your own self-growth, have the tools to navigate challenging times and the courage to pursue all of your dreams, in a way that expresses all the power and beauty of who you really are!

Are you ready to re-design your Self?

Core beliefs of my philosophy:


It is ok to be growing. It’s ok to stumble. It’s also okay and safe to be extremely happy and satisfied.


The most effective way is the way of compassion.


Your habits and thoughts are not who you are.


Simple consistent practice is at the root of massive transformation.


The universe is not “judging” you. You're always being offered compassion for where you are on your journey.


The most challenging times offer the greatest opportunities


The human mind isn't designed to experience satisfaction and happiness, we need to teach it.


You can choose to learn through suffering but you can also choose to learn through joy.


Certain things need to come out for other things to come in.


There’s always a new way of doing things.


Alone is hard. Together is much easier.


You are always ready for what is being presented to you. It’s a matter of wanting it or NOT. Not wanting is ok too.


Asking for help is needed and vulnerability strengthens connection.

What people have been saying:

I have experienced and worked in the healing world for most of my life and feel that what Carolini offers is top notch and soul-fully recommend her to anyone who would like a deeper understanding of themselves.

Michelle Woodruff, R.M.T

Carolini is naturally gifted at what she does, and I had an amazing, relaxing and healing experience that lasted long after our work was over. I can’t wait to do more reiki healing with Carolini, and would recommend her to anyone. I have a hard time relaxing, and have been facing some big changes in my life. (Lots of anxiety and fear) and Carolini made me feel comfortable and safe. Such a great experience in so many ways.❤️

Laura Dauphinee

Boy oh boy! Carolini’s vibrant, lovely, and transformative energy and the healing was unreal. I didn’t know anything about reiki when I walked in and I got what what this is about by experiencing in and it’s such a transformation.

Reza Marvasti

I started working with Carolini 3 months ago because I was having health problems, which were not serious, but were very annoying. Some symptoms were: headache and my stomach wasn’t working well.

In short reiki helped me a lot with my health problems, nowadays I don’t feel any more headaches and my stomach is working much better besides bringing me more understanding of myself and the universe around me.

I know Carol was a very special and crucial mentor to overcome that moment and we can see all these changes every week.

“Know all the theories, master all the techniques, but, in touching a human soul, be just another human soul.” Jung

This is about you and your great soul.

Thank you!

Erica Visoli

The experience of working with Carolini is simply amazing. The peaceful feeling that I’ve experienced during the sessions and all the words and perceptions she passed me where extremely empowering on this moment in my life. It was an opportunity to reconnect with my self and bring clarity in many areas of development. Thank you for allowing me to feel light again.

Bruna Hunnof

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