I have experienced and worked in the healing world for most of my life and feel that what Carolini offers is top notch and soul-fully recommend her to anyone who would like a deeper understanding of themselves.

Michelle Woodruff, R.M.T

Carolini is naturally gifted at what she does, and I had an amazing, relaxing and healing experience that lasted long after our work was over. I can’t wait to do more reiki healing with Carolini, and would recommend her to anyone. I have a hard time relaxing, and have been facing some big changes in my life. (Lots of anxiety and fear) and Carolini made me feel comfortable and safe. Such a great experience in so many ways.❤️

Laura Dauphinee

Boy oh boy! Carolini’s vibrant, lovely, and transformative energy and the healing was unreal. I didn’t know anything about reiki when I walked in and I got what what this is about by experiencing in and it’s such a transformation.

Reza Marvasti

I highly recommend ALL of Caroline’s works. She is an extremely capable, competent and differentiated professional. Throughout all of our coaching and reiki sessions I’ve had excellent results. In my last reiki session, I felt a sense of peace and calmness that I hadn’t  in a long time. Thank you, Carol!

Maria Silva

Caroline is amazing! We had several coaching sessions and I made progress in my life way much easier than before ! I tried reiki with Her as well and I have to tell you, Her healing skills are as much powerful as Her coaching sessions. If you feel you need more balance in your life or someone who can help you find your own way to reach your goals , She is the Best !!! One of my smartest decisions was to reach out to Her and to invest in my life !

I highly recommend Her ! Thank you Caroline for all your help !

Anita Dobos

I felt safe and comfortable being around Caroline. She created such safe space for me to explore my inner self and work through challenges. It was a profound and heart opening session and I’m deeply grateful for her support.

Mareike Buthmann

Caroline is an enormously gorgeous soul and incredible reiki healer. She has a super calming, and loving presence that makes you feel safe and relaxed. I found Caroline at a time that I was on a journey to know my true self and clear the blocks that I needed to clear to align with my purpose. And each of our sessions allowed me to go further on my journey. Caroline’s sessions are far more than relaxation, they go powerfully deep. She has the gift of looking into your soul andfinding the information you need to to go deeper on your path.

At the end of each session, Caroline would share everything she saw of me, practical things I needed to do, as well as spiritual clues and symbols she saw that allowed me to understand myself more fully, as well as deepen my healing and growth. By our third session, I felt like I had made a quantum leap in my journey. I felt like a completely different person!

On a more practical level, I felt more confident, grounded, and in-tune with myself in my daily life especially after each session integrated.

I cannot thank Caroline enough for the amazing healing and the deep soul insights she gave me during our sessions. Her work is amazing!

Violeta Potter

Carol was my salvation when I thought the world was going to fall on me. Anxiety and despair took over my life. She came to make things simpler, showed me healing is within us, taught me to have self-love, to meditate, to love Reiki more, I wait anxiously for our sessions, to hear her voice bring peace and light. Thank you for coming into my life Carol, it was a great pleasure to meet you.

Camila Portz

I had been curious for some time about reiki and its functioning, I had heard a lot of good things, but I had never experienced it. When the opportunity arose for a session with Carol, I took advantage! The result could not have been better, my experience was incredible, it started a new perspective on several factors that I had wanted to explore for a long time. I was able to see exits to situations that were diminishing me, possibilities that I did not see before and to understand better some behaviors that were not being positive for my daily life and life. I have no words to describe well the doors and windows that reiki opened me through Carol, I can not wait to understand more aspects, to experience more of the sensations that were given me in the first encounter and to make myself possible these transformations!

Franciele Zanroso

I started working with Carolini 3 months ago because I was having health problems, which were not serious, but were very annoying. Some symptoms were: headache and my stomach wasn’t working well.

In short reiki helped me a lot with my health problems, nowadays I don’t feel any more headaches and my stomach is working much better besides bringing me more understanding of myself and the universe around me.

I know Carol was a very special and crucial mentor to overcome that moment and we can see all these changes every week.

“Know all the theories, master all the techniques, but, in touching a human soul, be just another human soul.” Jung

This is about you and your great soul.

Thank you!

Erica Visoli

The experience of working with Carolini is simply amazing. The peaceful feeling that I’ve experienced during the sessions and all the words and perceptions she passed me where extremely empowering on this moment in my life. It was an opportunity to reconnect with my self and bring clarity in many areas of development. Thank you for allowing me to feel light again.

Bruna Hunnof

Caroline is an amazing beautiful soul. Period. I have been wanting to try Reiki for some time now and didn’t know which teacher to go to, then I met Caroline and she just felt so right! My session with her was very valuable and powerful. She is very caring and competent in guiding me through what came up for me. I will definitely look forward to working more with Caroline in the near future. Thank you again love! ❤️

Joanne Wong

Caroline is an amazing healer! There’s something magical about her approach. She has this presence, calming confidence that inspires a relaxed and safe environment. And most importantly, she really cares! I highly recommend her healing art.

Ana Vieira

Caroline and I have walked together for years and am proud to share with her one of the most incredible moments of my life, which is my journey of self-knowledge.

Before Carol even began her studies and became such a wonderful professional, she has already healed me at various moments in her life, showing that healing and the power of reiki are already part of her being.

Now as a reiker master and renamed coaching I feel that she is even more complete and prepared to help thousands of people.

Carol has created a keen sensitivity in understanding exactly how and what level to delve deeper into the patient, and I truly believe that is her differential.

With the right techniques and words, Carol brought back my identity, which seemed to be lost in internal conflicts.

Already in the first sessions of reiki and coaching, we created an intense connection and a beautiful process in the direction of self-love. Together, we evolved with the effects of the sessions, we were increasingly immersed in this rainbow of transformation.

With wisdom and love, Carol evaluates the present moment, traces the best techniques for you, gives continuity and support week after week, and brings up issues that are often hidden inside us.

The Reiki Coaching Program with Caroline has connected and customized modules that achieve much more than the process of self-knowledge. They bring a real plan of action and action for you to act with discipline and wisdom in pursuit of your dream.

And finally it’s your turn to study, practice and perform!

Today I can say that because of the walk with Carol, I feel confident and ready to follow my plans and concretize them. I know who my feelings and thoughts depend on. I know what I create for my present and future is purely MY INSIDE.

It will be a great joy to have Caroline as part of my journey, it would not be possible without your insights and teachings, which will be lifelong!


Priscilla Pedrotti

With a Reiki session Caroline offered me the opportunity to build a deeper awareness of myself. Being attuned to my body and its needs is a continued process made easier with her help. The guided meditation offered complete relaxation and its intuitve nature allows to deepen the relationship within a mind-body connection.

Alex Balashov

Carol Arco is a very talented professional, who has besides study, a vocation for what she does; And that makes all the difference. She has a power of empathy, it understands what the client talks about without being involved in traumas and pains, he realizes exactly what it takes to recode the mind and does it brilliantly! Happy who passes through it, comes transformed and accomplished! Thank you so much Carol, eternal gratitude that you exist! ?

Charline Tomazzoni

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Carolini Arco is a Reiki Master, Transpersonal Life Coach, Psychic Teacher and the creator of Arco Reiki & Coaching. Carolini’s speciality is guiding people to re-discover their sense of self, connecting with Divinity and owning their truest expression, giving them the tools to completely transform their reality from the inside out and contribute to the world around them.

A mental and spiritual powerhouse, Arco Reiki and Coaching is a growing movement that brings individuals into full alignment with their visions, leading the self-discovery journey with integrity and proficiency. The return is massive personal and collective impact and empowered individuals that best contribute to their communities.

Arco’s methods have developed over 10 years of studies in cutting edge tactics of behavioural technologies, neuro-science and energetic guiding principles. After working closely with some of the leading specialists in the personal coaching field, Carolini combined her studies, mentoring experiences and mystical discoveries to develop a holistic transformational method based on vibrational alignment, strategic thinking and personal connection.

As an eminent healer and teacher, Carolini guides her clients and students to further experiencing the elevated qualities of self-acceptance and intentional commitment to then expressing their unique gifts and talents in impactful ways.

An ambassador for the advancement of the human kind, Carolini brings a unique approach to individual and collective evolution that ultimately translates into sacred service and powerful acts of love.

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