It’s time to truly connect with yourself.

I believe in the power of connection. I believe that when we are connected to ourselves in love and understanding we can then move forward with grace, strengthening our connection to others and our environment while advancing together into a New Reality.

Through using powerful energetic techniques and the latest in coaching approaches, we lift unnecessary baggage so that you can step into the deepest, kindest part of you. In that space of self-love, we empower your decision-making skills and design a plan for you to move forward into your dreams.

I’ve studied for over a decade to bring you sophisticated transformative tools such as Reiki and Solution-Focused Coaching. Join me for a single a session or for a full 3 month program. Each session is specially designed to your needs and performed with competence and knowledge.

Get in touch for an initial conversation and I look forward to co-creating our new reality.


I have experienced and worked in the healing world for most of my life and feel that what Carolini offers is top notch and soul-fully recommend her to anyone who would like a deeper understanding of themselves.

Michelle Woodruff, R.M.T


Carolini is naturally gifted at what she does, and I had an amazing, relaxing and healing experience that lasted long after our work was over. I can’t wait to do more reiki healing with Carolini, and would recommend her to anyone. I have a hard time relaxing, and have been facing some big changes in my life. (Lots of anxiety and fear) and Carolini made me feel comfortable and safe. Such a great experience in so many ways.❤️

Laura Dauphinee


Boy oh boy! Carolini’s vibrant, lovely, and transformative energy and the healing was unreal. I didn’t know anything about reiki when I walked in and I got what what this is about by experiencing in and it’s such a transformation.

Reza Marvasti


The experience of working with Carolini is simply amazing. The peaceful feeling that I’ve experienced during the sessions and all the words and perceptions she passed me where extremely empowering on this moment in my life. It was an opportunity to reconnect with my self and bring clarity in many areas of development. Thank you for allowing me to feel light again.

Bruna Hunnof

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