No, it won’t be easy

by | 27/05/19

No, it won't be easy.

There will be hard days, there will be sweat and tears and moments where you'll question if it's all worth it. There will be shame and guilt and a feeling of "Am I even ready for this?"

There's no way around it. Growing physically, emotionally, spiritually hurts and it is uncomfortable.

But you will decide to face it. You will decide to see the light on the other side and eventually, you will even decide to not take things too seriously.

The journey will start to be fun. There will be new friends, new enlightening experiences, you will touch and smell and taste MAGIC ?

And then there's no turning back. You will find yourself rising above and beyond what you ever thought possible, you will experience FLOW. ?

Then one night you will be drifting into a juicy sleep state and a thought will come...

"Damn, I'm 100% living my Purpose and I'm LOVING IT!"

How many people can really say that?

And you will know that the hard days, the tears, the doubt, the sweat, they were all so worth it.

Because they brought you HERE ??


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