A part of the story that got me here

by | 27/05/19

Just three years ago I was struggling big time.

Trapped working in a restaurant position; making barely over minimum wage; seeing friendships that I thought were so important fall apart one by one like leaves on autumn trees. ?

I was trying so hard to keep strong. I was trying so hard to not fall apart. I'd bury myself in activities and fight daily with the crippling anxiety that would become closer and closer by the minute.

It was tough. The toughest thing of all that was that I had no idea of where to run, whom to run to, why to even try?

It took me so many months to start realizing that I deserved so much more than that. It took me months and months of running in meaningless circles on my mind until I finally, FINALLY, decided once and for all that I wasn't going to take it anymore. The anxiety wouldn't define me, the suffering isn't inevitable.

I decided that I could, and I WOULD, be better.

I made a vow to grow through anything and everything that I experienced. I vouched for loving myself so deeply that no crippling thoughts or emotions would never destroy me. I vouched to experience love. I vouched to RISE! ?

Shortly after that, the Universe started responding to me in magical ways. ?

It put the right teachers, mentors, a wonderful partner on my path.

It took me to three continents and seven countries in a year, to experience the depth of Spirit and the bottomless layers of Love. It even brought forward new (and old) friends that now share the same values with me, people who truly care about themselves and each other.

Through that key decision, I claimed back my Power.

And oh, what a Power it is! ?⚡️

I studied, trained, stumbled and mastered the Art of Self-Connection so that I may reach those who are still too in the darkness to see.

I claimed my innate ability to show others the path into their own Essence, into their most juicy, beautiful, Sacred being. Because it is needed.

And I know understand that this has always been my calling.

I was called to suffer to understand those who cry.

I was called to be lonely so that I may stretch my arms long enough to reach into those who can't stand alone anymore.

I was called to Awake.

And I answer it.

Are you ready to answer it too? Then, I'm here for you.

Send me a message and we'll schedule a 30 min call to explore your Greatness and what is possible for you. Let's discover if we are made to build it together.

With love,



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