How are we showing up for life?

by | 27/05/19

Every time I sit down to open my heart on social media (which is pretty much every day lately) I feel the crumbles on my belly and the old doubts coming to mind.

"WAIT! Is what I have to say even of value??"

''But what if people think I'm crazy?? Will they stop liking me??"

"I'm too vulnerable here, I'm too open there, I'm too real and too spiritual and too much of a woman.

I'm also definitely not enough."

Familiar thoughts, anyone?

Well, when I decided - way before social media and, mind me saying, before this lifetime - that I wanted to co-create a world based on empathy, connection, and authenticity I knew it wouldn't be easy. I knew I was opening the way for all sorts of saboteurs to come out and reflect on my inner-mirror all the bulls**t that goes on the outside world.

Masks and masks of conditioning bury us all behind the burden of "needing to be perfect."

It is hard work to peel off these layers, one by one, and respect oneself enough to act by one's main values (not your parent's, neighbors' or teachers').

But it is worth it. To end the suffering within that so many of us have been feeling, to vanish the feeling of not belonging and loneliness.

It is worth it so that every human find their place, accept their unique gifts and allow themselves to feel Joy and Peace.

For a world like this, it is definitely worth it.

So come on little annoying thoughts, you can try to shut me down as much as you want.

Something tells me, you just can't do it anymore.

With love,



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