Honouring the lessons

by | 27/05/19

I honour all my past teachers and mentors with great appreciation.

Having been a teacher myself, I came to a new level of understanding of the impact a role model has in one’s learning and how that goes beyond the classroom to support and affect one's whole life experience.

During my self-development journey (14 years and counting) I came to meet and work with many wonderful masters, experts and “gurus”. Each one of them left a mark on my own path and every now and then I feel their teachings coming through on my sessions with clientes.

The more I develop myself professionally and personally, the more I realize that the best teachers are those who can truly awake the wisdom that is already within. Those teachers who can hold space for one’s self-discover, for one’s encounter with their own right answers.

It is truly a rare trait to find.

We are all unbelievably resourceful in our own unique ways, and we all carry a torch of wisdom inside with the power to light up a whole city. The best teachers put more kindle to your fire instead of lightening you up with their own.

I continue to experience great deals of awareness and insights from many different people, and continue admiring and respecting those who share their gifts with the best intention for others.

As for my own work, I hope I can be a source of unlimited kindle to my students and clients. I hope they will always feel empowered to find their own path knowing they have the support and guidance to make mistakes, change and rejoice in the grandness of their own wisdom.

And if I ever get too much in the way, may they don’t hesitate to let me know. ?

With love,



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