Hey, you, human: It is time to speak up!

by | 27/05/19

Hey, you, human: It is time to speak up! ?

Why? There's just no more time to lose.

Do you want a world that is fair and kind? It starts with you.

Do you want a reality where people can TRULY experience happiness in every level? Create that reality for you.

We've been conditioned in so many ways to believe we were flawed, we came out of a sin. Our own Divine act of creation was wrong and shameful and now we are left in this paradise with no one to tell us what to do but a set of books that so often... get lost in translation.

No doubt we are confused, no doubt we are lost.

But something has been happening lately, did you see it?

Magic has started to take place in the most unexpected places.

Random acts of kindness, people speaking up for equality, empathy, and compassion. Countries vouching for fairness and human integrity and ultimately, Love!

Sure, there's still those places and communities stuck in the 50's, who do you choose to pay attention to?

So how do you contribute to all that? Better yet, how do you LIVE all these elevated qualities for yourself, to then translate that into the world?

By giving yourself permission to be happy. Giving yourself permission to be loved. Freeing your mind and bodies from collective limiting beliefs and starting to choose your own path. Owning your talents, using your voice.

Not letting the world define you anymore because you now define your world.

Sounds enticing? Well, it is.

And it is also absolutely possible when you have the right tools to strengthen, reprogram and co-create your new Self.

Don't know where to start?

What about documentaries, books, meditation classes? Perhaps hiring a coach?

For how much longer will your truest, lushest, brightest Self be waiting to play?

You can let it come out right now.


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