Here’s a drink to your growth!

by | 27/05/19

Three years ago, during one of the hardest times of my life, I found the art of Reiki. That was the first step on a healing journey that took me to the depths of my shadows and the brightness of my inner light.

After Reiki started working on me, it asked to work on other people - through me. I became a practitioner, a healer, and then a teacher that continues learning both intellectually and intuitively further tools to support others on their own healing journey.

I never decided to become a Reiki Master, it just happened. People would call me, friends would refer friends, old clients kept coming back and new worlds of possibilities become ever more possible through this simple, yet extremely powerful energetic technique.

A year and a half ago, through the same mysterious circumstances through which I found Reiki, coaching came into my life.

I was blessed to be working with a well-renowned coach for over a year, learning the inside outs of the science of coaching and of how to establish a coaching business. It was a bumpy ride - full of learnings, insights, disappointments, and in the end, massive expansion.

Ten months later - I became a coach myself. And just over two months ago I received a certification from one of the biggest coaching institutes in North America confirming my commitment to continuing on the path to coaching Mastery, one that I'm still paving every day.

What is more fascinating throughout this whole journey is not only my personal and professional evolution but it's the impact that I'm able to provide for my clients.

I have over 20 testimonials in this short period of time validating the power of coaching and Reiki combined, and the many ways in which it has altered their lives for the best.

I'm constantly humbled by one's commitment to becoming a better person, and by the fact that I was gifted the opportunity to be a facilitator and a witness for these inner-discoveries journeys.

Sometimes it's hard to put myself out there with the strength and openness that I know my coaching business deserves, but I am committed to doing it anyway. Because there's so many of you out there who need a grounded, wise guide to support you on your journey. There's so many of you who deserve to find all the resources and the tools to find the best, strongest versions of yourself.

There's so many of you ready to rise.
And I'm here for you. Always.
So here's to Arco Reiki & Coaching ?
And here's to you!

May your journey always be filled with love, light and plenty of joy.

With love,
Carolini Arco ?


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